Craft Lodges

76 Economy Lodge

1883 William of Wykeham

3548 Old Wykehamist Lodge

5071 Caer Gwent Lodge

5734 Old Symondians Lodge

​6818 Wolvesley Lodge

7487 King Aelfred Lodge

​8222 Faith and Confidence Lodge

8563 St Matthew of Wyke Lodge

9512 Evingar Lodge

9903 Lodge of Brevity

& Winchester Lodge of Instruction

Royal Arch Chapters

76 Chapter of Economy

6818 Wolvesey Chapter

8222 Faith and Confidence

Progressive Orders

63 St Andrews Mark Lodge

71 King Alfred Council, Royal and Select Masters

​79 The Court of King Alfred the Great, The Order of Athelstan

96 St Swithen's Chapel, St. Thomas of Acon

219 Wey Valley Council

​283 Wessex Council, Royal and Select Masters

401 Winton, Rose Croix Chapter

437 King Aethelwulf, Red Cross of Constantive Conclave

674 Loveland Mark Lodge

674 Loveland Royal Ark Mariners

969 Winchester Mark Lodge

969 Winchester Royal Ark Mariners

991 Emmaus Rose Croix

Community Groups

The Acorn Club


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