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Read and acknowledge the Centre’s strategy for re-opening during Covid-19 and the Centre’s risk assessment. (Centre Risk Assessment)

Complete and return a Lodge and Progressive Order specific risk assessment. We attach a template that you can use which covers information that the Centre requires in order to be satisfied that the meetings will held in a safe manner. The template attached contains many useful questions to guide you in completing the document. (Risk Assessment Template)

Upon receipt of your risk assessment (by email to, copy to, no later than 7 days prior to your first meeting to be held, we will confirm the meeting in the Centre’s diary.

For each confirmed booking the Centre will ensure that it has been cleaned in preparation for the meeting to be held. Please note: NO BOOKING = NO CLEANING. The Centre management will not accept any responsibility for use by anyone of the Centre in an unclean state.

On confirmation of the meeting booking the Centre management will confirm the time that the Centre will be open for access by the Lodge and Progressive Order. Entry prior to this time will not be possible.

Please note that the meeting room (Dining Room) will be set up to a generic masonic layout, any specific requirements will be the responsibility of each meeting organiser.

The Bar area can be used as a robing area, this decision will be left to the meeting organiser to make.

Our caterer has confirmed that he is prepared to open the bar, either before or after the meeting (not both) as long as he has notice to do so. Please confirm if this is something your meeting would like. A minimum number of attendees will be required to warrant opening the bar, this will be confirmed in due course.

Centre Strategy Document

Centre Risk Assessment

Site Plan

Risk Assessment Template (For Completion)


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